On Bikram and Tiny Towels

Okay, this the first day of the aforementioned challenge, and I just got back from class. Like most classes, it was both inspiring and disappointing (Yay!  My forehead is almost on my knee!  Boo!  It’s not very hot in here!).   For those of you who don’t know much (or anything) about Bikram Yoga, it’s a series of two breathing exercises and twenty-six postures, done in a heated  room.  It should be really, really hot.  And really, really humid.    (You can read more about it here.)

Because it’s hot and humid and yes, hot – towels are very important in this yoga.  I practice at Bikram Yoga NYC, which is a wonderful place.  I’ve learned a lot, and made some great friends.  But – and it’s a big but- their towels suck.  Even when they put out new towels, they’re small. And thin. And narrow.

This is a typical towel...

Since I usually go to the first class of the day, there are often  some larger towels around, and we snatch them up.  These are generally left behind by visitors who bring towels from their hotel, and forget to take them back – and this is how I know that the Ritz-Carlton has the best. towels. ever.  I want to stay there just for the towels!

...and this is a good towel.

I’m sure you’re wondering why this matters so much.  Well, I’m a big girl – 5’9” and at a healthy (and proportionate) weight for that height.  When I started practicing Bikram in 2005 (and really, until mid-2009), I was a big girl who was also very overweight.  Those tiny towels not only didn’t really help much with getting me dry after my shower, it was humiliating to try to wrap a towel around yourself and have the ends not meet.  And remember, this is in the public changing room at the studio, surrounded by stunning women with hot yoga bodies.  Most of you have probably never had this experience, unless you’ve tried to dry off with a hand towel backstage at Fashion Week, and I hope you never do.

Now, due to a diligent practice and Weight Watchers, those tiny towels wrap fine (though admittedly, I end up showing a lot of thigh…), but I still go digging through the stacks every morning looking for a “good” towel.  I’m not over it.  And frankly, I think I never will be.

(On another note, I go back to work at my actual job tomorrow, so I may see you here less frequently…)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joan Goodrich
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 11:35:03

    Have you tried yogitoes.com? The towels are the greatest. Yes, a bit pricey bur I’ve had just one for 3 years and despite countless washings, it’s still like new. You may not want to schlep a towel to and from class but I think it’a worth the trouble. Check out: yogitoes.com


  2. Rasa
    Jan 03, 2012 @ 19:58:10

    You can write and you are funny! Enjoyed reading it. Keep it coming.


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