No, What I Am Is Lucky

Yesterday, someone told me I looked tired, and I stewed about it the rest of the day.  In my opinion, that’s one of those things you never say to a woman, just like you don’t ask a woman when she’s due unless you see a baby emerging from her at that exact moment.

Yes, maybe I am tired.  But I have two things to say to that – 1) it’s none of your business, and 2) what I really am is lucky.

I have a career, not just a job.  I get to do work that is relevant, important, challenging and creative, and get paid (salary and benefits) to do so.  I also happen to think I excel at this work, which makes me enjoy it that much more.

I have a crazy, loving, supportive family, especially my two sisters.  Sure, we fight sometimes, but that’s part of what makes us family.

I have an even crazier, but just as loving and supportive, circle of friends, near and far, new and old.

My cats adore me.  In fact, all our family pets adore me.

I have my Bikram yoga practice, which has brought more peace and joy to my life than I thought possible.

Wells Fargo and I own a fantastic co-op in Upstate Manhattan.

I am living my life exactly as I choose.

So if I’m tired, it’s a good thing.  I can’t be Wonder Woman every minute of every day, and frankly, I’m not trying.

(photoshop credit to Frank)

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