My Mother Always Said “It Takes A Bore To Be Bored”

So, since Friday night, I’ve been pretty much trapped in my apartment, recovering.  And today, I started going stir crazy, and posted that on Facebook.  When one of my friends jokingly said I should blog about it…it made me remember what my mother always said – that it takes a bore to be bored.

So even though I’m feeling kind of like a sloth, that comment from my friend made me stop and think.


And I realized, I’m not actually bored.  I’m just used to a much higher level of activity.  And that made me remember my life before Bikram Yoga.  I started my Bikram practice in late 2005, in part as a new start after the end of a bad relationship (okay, it took me months to do it, but I did do it).   During the wasted years spent with the evil ex, my (fat) ass was basically attached to my couch.

So three days with my ass again attached to my couch brings up a lot more than boredom.   I’m panicking inside.  I was very, very unhappy for most of the time I spent with the evil ex, and I kept telling myself I was happy.  I kept telling myself that my life was good.  I kept telling myself this was the way things were supposed to be.  I was a lying liar who lies.

Bikram – and a commitment to truth – changed my life.  Even though my activity is limited by circumstances outside my control, I really am happy now.  My life is good.  And this is the way things are supposed to be.

It’s funny – I see the evil ex around town on occasion.  He doesn’t see me, or if he does, he doesn’t recognize me.  But every time I see him (or when I saw that he is Facebook friends with a friend of mine), I panic a little.  I’m working on that.

In the meantime, at least I’m not bored.


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