With Friends Like These…

I’m sure we’ve all had this experience, though I wish I could be sure most of us had not.  That friend who thinks telling you everything is a good thing.  I don’t mean everything about her, but everything about you.  Every random gossipy comment, every passing thought – especially the hurtful ones.  All in the name of “friendship”.

I don’t deal well with this.  What I would like to do is say “what the fuck?  you’re supposed to be my friend!  with friends like you…” and give a good slap.    Yes, violence is never the answer, and yes, I’d probably get arrested.  But that would be better than my current reaction, which basically involves crawling away to lick my wounds, and wallowing in self-doubt.

It’s probably true that people who do this are acting out of their own insecurity and negative thinking, but boy, do I wish they could just keep it to themselves.  And I wish even more that it didn’t get to me.

But they can’t.  And it does.  So I’m venting here – think before you talk.  Just because you know it, doesn’t mean you should say it.  If you actually care about your friends, you will also care how what you say might affect them, and be very, very, very careful about deciding you know what you should tell your friend “for their own good”.

Whew – I feel better.  On another note, it was really, really, really hard to find a photo of a woman slapping another woman for this post.  I wouldn’t have thought that, but then, maybe that’s a good thing.


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