Change I Can Believe In, Or Silver Linings

Despite the title, this post is not about politics, but… 


This post has been interrupted for a special announcement. 


This announcement was brought to you by Americans for Sanity.


Seriously, though, I’m thinking about my Bikram Yoga practice.  Due to the interference of my constant companion, I had to take a few weeks off and then come back very slowly and carefully.  However, during that slow and careful return, I’m learning all kinds of cool stuff.  I mean, really, who knew that drinking water at party time is one of the reasons I’m never hot enough?  Or that standing in the back row changes up my practice in more ways than just the visual perspective?  Or that my legs were just MADE for yoga shorts?  (Okay, okay, that last I already knew…but I still like it.)

In order to come back to class, I had to commit to backing off the instant I felt a twinge of pain, and I also had to know that I was going to be spending my time, for quite a while, thinking only about form and alignment with no hope for depth. (And before you say it, I KNOW that I should always be thinking about form and alignment, but admit it, you like depth too.) 

I wasn’t really happy about either of those things.   But what I have discovered is that the focus and attention to detail have brought my practice to a new level.  It’s easy to get complacent and even lazy in any repetitive exercise, and since all Bikram classes are the same sequence of postures, it can be hard not to goof off or get bored.  In fact, one of my sisters, who also practices Bikram, just told me yesterday she never goes to that fourth class in a row because she’s “over it” at that point until the next week.  I didn’t try to change her mind – I know her better than that.

So, the cloud of the last five (yes, five) weeks of continuous pain has been eclipsed by the silver lining of all that I am learning.  And THAT’S change I can believe in!

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  1. Anne Gaioni
    Feb 21, 2012 @ 03:47:17



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