Pick A Choice

I’ve been making decisions right and left lately – which makes me think about how I actually make those decisions – more about what I don’t do as opposed to what I do.  I’m still working on my tesseracts, of course, which are clearly based on what I do.

This started because I decided to take a Facebreak, which I enforced on myself by actually deactivating my account.  (Side note here:  They actually never let you go.  You can’t delete your account.  They hold onto it forever…and they’ll even give it back anytime you ask.  They know they’ve got you hooked.)  I announced this decision (surprise!) on Facebook, and was immediately deluged with “why?!?”.  Well, why not?

There is this idea out there that all decisions can and should be made logically, weighing pros and cons, and that the “right” decision will emerge inevitably.  Crap.  Some decisions, if not all, need a big healthy helping of “why not?” or “it kind of feels good” or “just because” or even “what the hell?”  And the decisions I made that way have been the ones that have made the most positive impacts on my life.

I chose my college (the only one to which I applied) based on “why not?”  After the fact, I joked about how I liked them because they didn’t recruit me, but really, it kind of felt good.

Graduate school was the result of a “what the hell?” moment.  I tried Bikram Yoga and Weight Watchers the same way.  I asked for my current job just because.  Listening to yourself, really listening, is a great thing.  Telling yourself can be, well, not so great.

I also have this theory that almost no decision is ever wrong – that you make the best decision possible at the time, and while you can learn from your 20/20 hindsight, there’s not point in beating yourself up over things that don’t work out exactly “right”.  What’s right, anyway?  Easily the most productive answer is “the opposite of left”.

So, pick a choice.  Just pick a choice.  The worst decision is always the one you don’t make.


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