We’ve Made SO Much Progress

So, here I am on another flight to Los Angeles, and I brought along some back issues of BackStage, just to catch up. I got to the most recent issue, and they’ve just published “The Back Stage Broadway Power List”. I would link it here, but it makes me really mad, so if you’re interested, find it for yourself.

Even BackStage acknowledges that the list is, in their words, “overwhelmingly white and overwhelmingly male”. Really? I think 25 of 25 being white and 24 out of 25 being male is a step past “overwhelming”. BackStage goes on to say unapologetically that the list may be “unfortunate”, but that it is “no doubt accurate”. Because, you know, “it’s the result of a scientific—or pseudoscientific, anyway—temperature taking of the Broadway community”.

Well, that doesn’t make it okay, not for the industry now, nor for its future. It is interesting to note that the people I deal with every day at work, both inside and outside my office, are “overwhelmingly” female. And it’s not even that I disagree with the list itself, I just think its composition is sad. Or something.

I remember telling my mother I was not a feminist. Her response? “I identified myself as a feminist so you wouldn’t have to”. Thanks, Mom, but I guess it didn’t work as well as you’d hoped. Now, we all know that feminist, in most cases, is heard as “ball-busting bitch”, so we’ll go with that.


And maybe in another thirty years, what my Mom said will be true, and the women who are the age I am now won’t have to identify as feminists, and won’t be identified as ball-busting bitches, but will simply be called “peers”.

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  1. Cindy McGean
    Mar 18, 2012 @ 12:49:19

    This reminds me of the Time Magazine list of the 100 most influential people of the century (or something like that) published on the eve of the year 2000. Overwhelmingly male. Made me so angry! I love what your Mom said. Sadly, I think we’re still a few generations too early for that to be true. Witness the current moves by Republicans. Until Congress is truly representative (i.e. 51% female) and until we’ve had a woman president, I don’t think we’re anywhere close to done.


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