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What WAS I Thinking? Part Two

Remember I entered that People Magazine contest for “Real Beauty At Every Age”?  Well, this is who they picked.  I was robbed, robbed, I tell you!

And I’m a little grumpy about it.  Hmph.

Okay, okay, I’m actually not.  But still, I thought I looked fabulous in the photo I submitted

Didn’t you?

I Hate Mother’s Day

I don’t know if it was just this last weekend or even earlier, but I noticed it this weekend – I’m being swamped with ads for Mother’s Day.  They’re on television, on the internet, in my email.  It’s not that I hate mothers, I swear.  I just can’t take the pressure. 

A favorite photo of my mother, me, and my sisters. I was about three or four.

When my mother was  alive, we celebrated her – on Mother’s Day, on Father’s Day, on any day we could.

But the rampant commercialism that is typical of any holiday or day of celebration (Administrative Professionals’ Day, anyone?  I got about 20 emails for that one alone – it’s today, if you didn’t know) makes me crazy.  And a little bit sad. 

Not because I wish I could buy my mother tacky shit at the Hallmark Store – if I wanted to buy that shit, I could find some mother to receive it – but because of the implication that we should limit our appreciation to this one day.  And that our appreciation is enhanced by tacky shit.

What’s my point, you may ask?  Well, I’m not sure I have one, except hey, celebrate your mother.  Celebrate your father.  Celebrate all of your family – and friends.  And don’t wait for Hallmark to tell you how or when.

Why I Love Marilyn Monroe

This says it all.


One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Yes, I know, I know, the saying is “two steps forward, one step back”,  but I’m not feeling that lately.  I’m feeling one step forward, two steps back, and so on…and on… and on.  At this rate, I’ll eventually be back in Miami.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with Miami – but not that there’s much right with Miami, at least for me.  A visit, sure.  Move back?  Not a chance.)

See, I don’t really like going backwards.  I’m not even sure hindsight is 20/20.  I think that the decision you make at the time is the best decision you could have made, full stop.  Certainly, if you don’t get the desired results, you can learn something for the next time, but just keep on keeping on.

I freely admit, I only applied to one college, which I chose somewhat whimsically.  The same was true for grad school – both times.  And all three of those decisions were among the best ones I’ve ever made.  Part of this may be that while I probably, at the time, could not analyze my decision-making process, I have since learned I actually do have one.  It’s pretty much the “Look, That’s Shiny” method, and it doesn’t actually improve with post-decision analysis.

I’m not saying I don’t make mistakes, and I’m not counting decisions made under any undue influences.  (Interpret as you will.)  But I do think we spend too much time obsessing over what we could have done then instead of thinking about what we can do now.

So, what’s next?  Whatever it is, I hope it’s new.  I hope it’s different.  And it would be great if it were shiny!

“I’m Dancing As Fast As I Can”

No, I’m not emulating Barbara Gordon (especially not the pill-popping part) – but this title/quote popped into my head this morning and seemed like such the perfect description of how I’ve felt lately.

I mean, really, how much time and energy does it take just to live your life?  I’m not even counting the hours I spend at the office or working not at the office, but just life.  Personal care, cat care, apartment care – each of which has several subsets.  Add to that the occasional desire to have some fun…and what gets cut?  Well, in my case, usually quiet time, also, by some, known as “sleep”.  Luckily, I’ve never needed much. 

But still – my typical day starts when I bounce (literally) out of bed at about 4:15 am – the bounce is a necessary method to get me up and moving – and “ends” when I get home, at the very earliest, meaning no post-office duties or fun, at about 7 pm.   I generally crawl (not bounce) back into bed sometime after 10 pm.  Before you ask, here’s some of what fills those hours: 

4:15 – 5:30 am:  Pet care and other chores 

6:45 (or 7) – 8:30 am:  Bikram Yoga

9:30 am – 5:30 pm: Office

Surround those key points with commuting time, dressing time, and more chores, and there you go.  The simplest version of my daily schedule.  And we all know life is never simple.

I freely admit, in terms of this issue, being single doesn’t actually help, but not having kids sure does.  Honestly, how moms (and dads) manage – I’m awestruck.

Still, I’m not unhappy with the way I’ve chosen to live my life…but sometimes, I just can’t dance fast enough.

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