If It’s Easy, You’re Not Doing It Right

All the commercials about weight loss and exercise are making me crazy.  “It’s so easy!”  seems to be the common theme.  Well, you know what?  Weight loss and proper exercise is not easy.   It’s hard work, and it takes focus, attention, and commitment.

In 2008-09, I lost almost 50 pounds on Weight Watchers, and it was hard.  I’ve gained some again, so I’m back on Plan, and it’s hard.  I’ve been practicing Bikram Yoga for almost seven years, and it’s hard.  But see, I don’t think hard work is a bad thing.  I actually think one of the continuing causes of the obesity epidemic in this country is the weight lose companies trying to sell weight loss as easy.  And don’t get me started on the exercise machines…though, yes, some of them do help – if you work hard.

Add to the “it’s easy” campaigns the expense of most of this crap, and it’s understandable that the war on fat is not helping the people who need it most.  I’m very fortunate that I can afford to exercise the way I choose, and that I can pay a monthly fee to Weight Watchers, and that I can buy exactly the foods that support my journey.

There was actually one specific commercial that set me off today, for a new documentary – “The Weight Of The Nation”  – that purports to examine this issue.  Probably worth watching, right?  Maybe a chance to get the message out that you can take care of yourself and your family without having some (or any) of the advantages that I (and I bet you) have?  Well, a lot of people won’t see it, and there is probably a higher percentage among the economically disadvantaged.  Why, you ask?  Because it’s airing on HBO.  I don’t know about you, but cable itself is pricey enough that I don’t spend extra on premium channels, and if I did, they would not be where I was looking for life-saving information.

So, network television – step up to the plate.  Air this documentary.  And yes, air it for free.  A bunch of times.  Federal agencies, step up to the plate -regulate the false claims in weight loss/exercise commercials (beyond a tiny tagline saying “results not typical”).

And what should we do?   Work hard.  Set an example.  Reach out to others.  And stop pretending that anything worth having comes easy.

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