This One. Right Here, Right Now.

As an avid practitioner of Bikram Yoga, I get asked some pretty odd, or even silly, questions.   And some pretty perceptive questions.   These are (mostly) not those. 

“What?  The room is HEATED?”   Well, yes, yes, it is.  On porpoise.  And we like it that way.  In fact, some of us look for the “hot spots”.  And don’t drink water during class.  And so on.

“Do you sweat a lot?”  Indeed.  And I smile about it.  See? —–>

“The teacher just TALKS the whole time?”  It’s not just talk…it’s a dialogue.  One that the students answer non-verbally, but a dialogue nonetheless. 

“Why would you go back if every class is the same?”  Every class is NOT the same.   Remember, “it’s a practice, not a perfect”.  While the class is doing the standard sequence, I am different every day.  It is the same discipline that allows actors to keep their performances fresh eight shows a week, 52 weeks a year, as many years as the show can run.  And this is a big part of what makes it possible for me to practice Bikram all over the world – I can jump right in, even if the dialogue is not being spoken in English, and get in a good practice.

“Don’t you hate looking at yourself in the mirror for ninety minutes?”  Sometimes, but that’s part of the discipline of the practice.  And it gets better.

And last, but not least (for today):

“What posture do you love/hate the most?”  I try to live in the moment during each class, so it’s an obvious answer.  This one.  Right here, right now.


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