Bad American. Bad! Bad!

Nope, I’m not.  Not watching the Olympics.  I know, this makes me a bad American.  But honestly, I can’t take the suspense.  I’d just as soon hear the results and see the (endless) replays of the best moments on the news.

Now, I don’t think I actually am a bad American, and I certainly support our athletes.  Especially the ones that are actually still amateurs.  The dedication and commitment it takes to be an Olympian is awe-inspiring.

I did watch the opening ceremony. On DVR.  In the middle of the night.  And the horrific job NBC did of editing it, especially their choice to cut the memorial tribute, certainly contributed to my lack of interest.  Also, I’m admittedly still annoyed at the decision to make the American uniforms in China.  And that they’re ugly.  I have a feeling when I go to London next month, I’ll have some explaining to do to friends there.

But hey, I hope you’re enjoying the events…in the meantime, I’m catching up on my reading.


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  1. Anne Morton Smith
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 07:06:52

    Haven’t watched a leap or a splash either. All the power to them. Just not that interested. However, it does make it difficult to make small talk in work situations, so I get the news from NPR on my way to the office.


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