Happy Thanksgiving

I am grateful…for my family, my friends, my cats, my home, my work, my play, my yoga…I hope you have much to be grateful for as well.


Same Old, Same Old

I just got back from a vacation in Miami with my sisters. 

The three sisters on vacation

We grew up there, and have family there, and one of my sisters lives there, so except for the “vacation” part, it’s not really a big deal.    Though I am tan.  And rested.  Oh, and I did say tan?

In any case, I am not here to share the details of my vacation – y’all would just get jealous (beach.  stone crabs. beach. stone crabs. beach. stone crabs.).  It’s just that vacations remind me how much I love routine.  And structure.  And how limitations make you creative. 

Okay, okay, I can hear the yawns now.  But when you look at it from my perspective, it’s the only way to stay sane.  From now until at least the end of January, I am traveling somewhere pretty much every week.  And even when I am in the office, those days cannot be counted on to be the same in any way except the start time (mostly).

So, yes, I have some pretty strict routines – daily and weekly –  and I find it freeing, actually.   And if you let yourself admit it, you would probably find that you have routines too – it’s just that you don’t call them that.

Am I bored?  No.  Do I get my shit done? Yes.  Do I love it?  Yes.   And as long as all that is true, I’ll stick to my schedule…on weekdays, it’s up at 4/4:30 am, chores (work and personal), Bikram, office, free time.  Until the next day, when I’ll do it all over again.   And if you’re wondering, on weekends, it’s up at 5/5:30 am, followed by Bikram, chores, free time – in any order.

I thought I had a point here, but it seems I don’t.  However, I wouldn’t mind hearing some feedback.  Do y’all have routines?  Do you like them/hate them/find them confining/find them liberating?  Let’s chat!

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