Thoughts On A Plane, Or My Rules For Saner Travel


1. The aisle is shared space, not a place for you to hang out because you don’t like your seat. But if you do, graciously move your ass when others are trying to use the aisle for its actual purpose.

2. If your child is behaving badly, at least pretend to be doing something about it. I will then pretend I believe you.

3. Stop bitching about the things none of can change, especially when they’re not new. Yes, it sucks that you had to check one of your carry-ons; yes, we all hate that the seats are smaller than ever; and yes, life is not fucking fair. Now shut up and pretend you are excited about your trip.

4. If you’re going to take your shoes off (and I do), please wear clean socks. And put your shoes on when going to the bathroom. We all know men on planes spray urine on the floor as a matter of course…it’s bad enough without getting it on your socks.

5. Speaking of airplane bathrooms:
-Close the seat before flushing – it sprays.
-Empty the sink after washing your hands.
-Yes, I am assuming you wash your hands. Do it.
-Wipe the countertop dry if you got it wet.
-In general, don’t be disgusting.

Last, but least, just be courteous. In fact, you can even be friendly. If you get rebuffed, so what? You’ll most likely never see that idiot again.

Sane travels!

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