Of Course, I Forgot The Most Important One

I took a quiz on Facebook today that was supposed to tell me if I am a good person. Surprisingly, I got “darn good person” (76% good and 24% evil. It asked things like if you would stop your car to check on/help a turtle on its back (yes); would you try to help the elderly, nicely dressed man sobbing in a diner (no); would you park in a handicapped space if the lot is full (no); would you take candy from a baby (well, it depends). You get the idea.image

And this silly quiz reminded me of the most important thing I wanted to say about yoga, to that I missed not once  but twice.

So, here goes:


I’m serious.  And this matters.  If you want to get the most from your practice, you have to be open to change.   And when you are most vulnerable, you are most easily hurt.  The other side of that coin is that when you are the most open, you may also be the most unkind.

What does that really mean, you ask?  For me, anyway, it’s all about balance. Part of taking care of yourself through your yoga practice has to be, sadly, protecting yourself.  Not that protecting yourself is a bad thing, but a little but can go a long way, and can also really inhibit change.

So, balance.  No, I don’t have any secret tricks to share on how to achieve it – this is the girl, after all, who has a sub-speciality in falling out of the postures in the balancing series.   (And before you say it, oh snarky ones, I do know that I just used a physical example to make a point about a mental issue.  Bite me.).

Just try.  That’s all I’ve got.  Along with bulldog determination and Bengal tiger strength, of course.

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