Pain Management

I have chronic, and sometimes acute, pain.  I have written about him before, and I think I actually believed I had a handle on living with him.

Well, I am here to tell you I was wrong.  It is just in the last few weeks that I have really accepted (as opposed to just knowing) that he will be with me for the  Some days, he’s distant and uncaring; other days, he snuggles right up and grabs hold.


And so, like any relationship, he takes managing, and attention, and care.  I am still figuring him out, frankly.  What do I do that makes him want to cuddle?  What successfully makes him a bit more distant?  Why won’t he leave?  (Okay, I know the answer to the last one.)

Here are a few things I’ve learned:

1)  “No pain, no gain” is both fucking brilliant and fucking stupid.  My guy is a constant education, but when you push him, he’s dangerous.

2)  Pain is relative to mood.  It is absolutely true that you will feel better if you, well, feel better.  And your emotional state is often more manipulable than your physical state.

3)  If you accept something as part of your natural state, it automatically becomes just a bit easier to address.

So, that’s it.  Right now, that’s what I know about pain management.  And also, that this guy’s name is “Fred”.










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