Go Set A Watchman

Before you stop reading – this is NOT a formal book review, nor will it contain spoilers.  I am just so frustrated and annoyed with a lot of talk going around about this book that I had to share my thoughts.  It’s taken a while, because, frankly, I had to deal with the feelings I had when reading the book.  And then, I saw this article, which really ticked me off.


  • No, we can’t be sure how Harper Lee feels about the publication of this book.  But it’s happened.  Get over it.  Hopefully, she’ll make a mint and the money will ease her life.
  • Yes, this is not the same Atticus we met in To Kill A Mockingbird.  Nor is it the same Scout.  Nor is it the same Calpurnia.  But it’s also not the same South.  Scout is now an adult, and this is the story of her as an adult, not a story of slice of her childhood, in a different time, though the same place.
  • I freely admit that TKAM is a wonderful book, and I loved it.  But I also loved GSAW, for different reasons.  It’s okay, and in fact, even exciting, to have an entirely different experience when reading about characters we know and love.

That’s all for now.  I hope you’ll give the book a chance, and share your thoughts.  Maybe you’ll hate it.  Maybe you’ll feel betrayed by the changes in the beloved characters.  But maybe you’ll stop and think about how that’s actually kind of like life, isn’t it?  Change happens.  Some we like.  Some we hate.

But change happens.


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