Change Is Good

12049463_1057710290928526_4212117911408893238_nThis post is about my hair.  No, really.  My hair.  Yesterday, I walked into my salon and told Maria, the best stylist ever (david ryan salon in Manhattan – just sayin’), that I wanted change.  So we did.

Now, my hair has changed pretty dramatically many times over the years, but for whatever reason, this one feels different.  First off, I’ve always thought I should be a redhead.  It works for my personality, but not necessarily my skin tone.  So we’ve eased into change over years…a lighter brown.  Reddish highlights.  Blonde highlights on a reddish brown.  And yesterday – bright.  Really bright.

My hair has been curly, straight, short, long, symmetrical and non-, and many different colors (including some purple once courtesy of Vidal Sassoon London in the 80s).

And I feel empowered.  The reaction so far has been overwhelmingly positive, and tomorrow, I’ll go to the office and see if that’s true there as well.  But in a very real way, it doesn’t matter.  Sure, it would have been disappointing had I posted my process photos (I made a whole album!) and gotten poor reactions.  Still, it’s my hair.  Mine.  For many years, I felt like it was one of the few things I could control.  We wore (truly bad) uniforms at school, and I was always fat.  But hey, much of the time I had great hair.

It’s almost a feminist moment.  Please, don’t tell me that caring about my looks is not something a feminist should do, because I’m a feminist and I care.  So what makes this moment a feminist one?  Because while I care how I look, for one of the first (if not the only) times in my life, it’s all about me and how it makes me feel, not what anyone might think when they see me.

I could go into a long analysis of how taking risks, even with hair, can help prepare you for risks in life, and that practicing change makes it easier, and blah, blah, blah.  But I think you already know that.

And wow, do I have great hair!




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  1. Suzanne
    Oct 01, 2015 @ 20:17:24

    You do have great hair — that’s a fun cut, but you still look incredibly competent. I love the red, and you’re right about it going with your personality. I remember really enjoying your curls in college, too.

    I think people sometimes mistake “feminist” for “anti-feminine.” It’s sort of ironic. Isn’t part of the point of feminism that we’re not supposed to be judged on our appearance? That certainly applies to judging appearance as “feminist” or “non-feminist.” “Looking this way makes me happy,” is not the same thing as, “I think I have to look this way in order to be judged as valuable.”


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