I’m So Tired – A Rant

Enough already.  #ImWithHer, and your nasty attacks, your unwillingness to look at the truth and consequences of the lies you are spreading, your lack of interest in facts will NOT change my mind.

#ImWithHer not because she’s the “lesser of two evils”.  And not even because I’m afraid of Trump, though any thinking person should be.

#ImWithHer and I am voting FOR her.  For an incredibly smart, qualified, honorable, human being.  With flaws and strengths, like every human being.  Who has shown us in every way possible that she cares – not about her own ego, but about this country and its people.  All of us.

And yes, whose gender is the same as mine.

Do NOT talk to me about Benghazi.  There has been more loss with less interest under the last several Presidents.  While I could write paragraphs about it, I won’t.  So just don’t.

Do NOT talk to me about the Clinton Foundation, or the Clinton Family Foundation.  You do not have to like where they get their funding, but until and unless there is illegal action, get over it.

Do NOT talk to me about her email.  I do not care what you think.  The only authority that matters – the one, you know, that actually did the investigation and has all the information, concluded there was no case.  Done.  You can disagree, but in fact, I do not care.

Do NOT quote Michael Moore at me.  I mean, really, WTF, Michael?

Do NOT try to tell me how I must discuss her, how I must read your crappy right-wing website or watch Fox News.  Assume I have done my research, as I assume you have done yours.  I’m still stunned at your conclusions, but I imagine you feel the same way.


I’m so tired.

Because the battle every woman fights every day has been magnified and thrown on the screen for our review, and so many are ignoring it, and ignoring the inherent sexism in pillorying this woman for things we never discuss when a man does them.  And then claiming there is no problem.

Because it is 2016, and there are still “firsts” for people of color, and women, and all the groups we dismissively call “minorities”.

Because we are never quite good enough.  Just not the “right” woman.  But hey, you know, thanks for playing.

So give it a rest.  Give me a rest.  No, I will not “know my place”.  No, I will not wait until you are satisfied.  Just no.

The time is now, and #ImWithHer.




(And just because it’s a great compilation of important information, read this.)


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