Sometimes I Get Scared

There are lots of things in our world today that are frightening, but you know, you can’t worry all the time.  And many of them, I personally can’t do anything about.  For example, I can’t stop a shooter from attacking a school, or a mall, or a movie theater.  I can’t stop a bomber from planting his “creations” in a public area.  And this might surprise you, but I can’t control the weather.

What scares me the most right now, though, is something I can fight.  It may be futile (though I don’t think so), but I can use my meager contributions and my voice and my vote to fight against a lying, racist, misogynist bully from becoming the President of the United States.

I’ve written before about my support of Hillary Clinton and why I’m not going to argue the same tired GOP talking points any more.  But I’ve pretty much avoided talking about her opponent.  However, as we get closer to the actual election, he scares me more every day.  I’ve read some research that claims the candidate of a major party will basically always pull 40% of the vote – that’s their “floor” – but that does not help my fear of the Republican candidate.  And isn’t that a terrifying thought on its own?

If somehow you’ve had your head in the sand, Keith Olbermann provided this handy-dandy guide to many of the shocking moments of this election cycle.

If you’re not scared of the Republican candidate, I’m scared for you.  If you’re still holding onto to the idea that your conscience is somehow better than mine, and you are choosing to vote for a third-party candidate (even in a so-called “safe state”), I’m scared for you.  If you are so apathetic (or something), that you will not be voting in the Presidential race, I’m scared for you.  The damage you will be doing will reach far beyond your personal bubble.

And if instead of being scared, you are choosing to vote for the Republican candidate for President, I just might be scared of you.


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