I’m So Tired, Part Three – Another Rant

In August of 2016, I wrote this.  And in November of 2017, I wrote this.

And here we are, in February of 2019, and it’s time for part three.

On Tuesday of this week, Senator Bernie Sanders declared himself a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President.  There are so many things wrong with this I don’t even know where to start.

I could give you article after article about who he really is (given the lack of serious vetting in the last primary); I could point out that HE IS NOT A FUCKING DEMOCRAT and that taking advantage of the Party’s resources after the damage he does every.damn.day is just wrong; I could note how many great candidates we already have who will ensure his talking points (and you know we can all recite them by now) are heard and discussed; but let’s be real.  Unless you agree with me, you’re not even listening.  You’ve proved that again and again.

Even before the announcement, his Bernie Bros were attacking the other candidates on Twitter.  Now they’re not only doing that, they are attacking those of us who are #VettingBernie (it’s clear from last time we’ll need to do it ourselves to get some response from the mainstream media – some of whom are starting to pay attention, thank God).

It’s exhausting.  Whatever you may think of what happened in the last primary, it’s over.  And I’m doing my best not to discuss it at all (but yes, I will push back when the same false narratives are brought up and the gratuitous attacks on HRC start).

During the last primary, many of us held back to avoid this ugliness.  I’m far from the only person who lost friends even before the general election.  But this time, I won’t hold back (and hey, you in the back, trust me that for all I said, there was a lot more)… and I will also be looking out for others and defending them against the attacks we can all expect.  We need to take one lesson from the Republicans, and stick together. And that means not allowing a small group of voters to run us off during the process designed to allow us to choose.

But I’m already so.damn.tired.








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