Letting Go, Letting Go, Letting Go Now

Right now, I hate American Airlines. If you follow me on Twitter, you can find out the details (@lolaslippers). In any case, I had a big fight with the counter agent, during which I was very pleased I replaced the phrase “fucking stupid” with “freaking stupid” each time I needed it. Which, for those who are keeping score, was seven. But now, as I relax in the Admiral’s Club (I got a free pass!) with a glass of wine, I am trying to let go.


I mean, really, from this little children don’t die. It’s not like we’re curing cancer. It’s not even the worst counter experience I ever had. That would be the time, in the early era of e-tickets, that Northwest tried to make me buy a whole new ticket for my return because I had lost my boarding pass from the outgoing flight. No lie. I can’t make this shit up. By the way, if you are still keeping score, they got eight “fucking stupids” and I got on the plane without paying again.

After dealing with the hideously stupid counter agent – and his supervisor – I went outside to cool off. Literally. It was steamy hot in the terminal, but lovely crisp fall weather outside. Yes, I know, it’s March. You complain to Mother Nature.

And I did some thinking.

I decided I am going to let go. I can only be in charge of so much, and right now, being in charge of me is all I can handle. So, people, be stupid, be annoying, try to get in my way… I am going to keep on keeping on. But watch out – you might just get stepped on.


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