I have a horrible temper.  Ridiculously bad.  Most people who know me now don’t know this, because I learned, pretty quickly, that 99.9% of the time losing your temper doesn’t help.  Still, it’s hard.  I really WANT to yell and stomp my feet and pound on my desk and throw things.  Sometimes I do, but I make sure I’m alone, and even close the door, which is nowhere near as satisfying. 

I mean, who DOESN’T want to allow their emotions out in full force?  If you say “me, me”, I’ll just assume you’re lying.  We’ve been convinced that almost all emotions are dangerous and must be controlled, and while that’s not entirely untrue, it’s not entirely true, either.  Though rampant emotion can in fact be dangerous – didn’t you see ENDLESS LOVE? – I think we’ve gone too far toward control.  I think we should shout, and scream, and stomp our feet, and throw things.  Just once in a while, we should let it all out.

But society doesn’t agree.  My workplace (quite rightly) doesn’t agree.  Even my family and friends don’t seem to agree. 

So instead, I do Bikram Yoga.  I play with my cats.  I take long baths with a good book and a glass (or bottle) of wine.    But to tell you the truth – none of it is quite as satisfying as throwing something at the wall.  Especially something that shatters. 



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