What’s So Funny?!? Or Don’t You Laugh At Me!

I laugh at myself a lot.  This was not always true – in fact, I would have to say I was basically humorless until about seven years ago.   I always believed that if people were laughing in my presence, they were laughing  at me.  (To be honest, I still think that more than I care to admit.)

But as I was laughing at myself today, I started to wonder – when did this change?  When did I realize that I’m laughable (which is NOT the same as being funny)?  And that it was okay to be so?

As with so many other changes in my life over the last several years, I credit Bikram Yoga.  I mean, really, how can you NOT laugh at your (sweaty, inflexible, grimacing) self when you fall out of each and every balancing pose for the umpteenth time?  And the natural extension of that is that you start to notice the other laughable things about yourself.  For one… when I look in a full-length mirror, I bevel.  Every. Single. Time.  Of course, that’s AFTER I do the sideways pose, to check if my stomach is pooching out or my back fat is showing.  And I won’t tell people what size shoes I wear.  After all, my feet are really big.  Ginormous, in fact.   And I’m weird about food in oh, so many different ways (that may have to be a post of its own).

So, yes,  I can finally say it:  I’M what’s so funny!


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